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Why the Tobin tax offers a unique opportunity Written by Alastair Constance, Director, Ethical Currency 1273
Is a Capital Gains Tax on foreign investors a good idea? Written by Stuart Long, Partner and Head of Tax at HowardKennedyFSI 1594
When will HMRC allow someone to Fastrack the Vat application process? Written by Stephen Hay, CFO of Bishopsgate Financial 1844
Your guide to inheritance tax Written by David Teale, tax expert at DTE Business Advisers 1903
Offshore tax payments and the tax consequences Written by Rupert Clarey at Maitland 2065
Professional Services Firms at Risk of an Unexpected and Hefty Tax Bill Written by Richard Godmon, tax partner at Menzies LLP 1297
Does today’s tax planning industry need an ethical revolution? Written by Anthony Markham, Partner, and Dalila Ver Elst, Senior Compliance Officer at Maitland 1396
Tax year-end approaches, how can business maximise on tax relief? Written by Richard Godmon, partner at Menzies LLP 1996
PAYE overhaul: Employers urged to get ready, but just how costly is the change to small firms? Written by Gary Howes 1785
ACCA: Why we welcome report on audit industry in the UK Written by Roberta Murray 2480

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